Seattle Snowshoeing
Spokane Snowshoeing
Looking for an escape during the winter to get out and enjoy the mountains and snow? Sign up for a day snowshoeing trip either to Snoqualmie Pass or Mt. Rainier. Offered throughout January and February. $45-$50 per person depending on trip location.
Spend some time hiking through the snow, throwing snowballs, and drinking hot chocolate on Mt Spokane. There are plenty of trails to choose from, whether you want to hike to the summit or just hike to a warming hut for lunch and some hot chocolate, these are great ways to get outside in the winter! These trips are great for 8-20 people and can take 4-6 hours including drive time. These trips cost $40 per person. We offer these in January and February.
Contact program coordinator Suzanne Weston to book.