Rock & Raft (Leavenworth)
Join us for 2-3 days of rafting and climbing. Add an additional hiking day if you’d like to extend your trip. Spend a day rafting the Wenatchee River and a day rock climbing in North Bend or Vantage with our guides. Rafting, climbing, hiking and camping! $190 per person.

Wenatchee River
These 4-5 hour day trips are on the Wenatchee River, class III white water near Leavenworth, WA. The Wenatchee River is great for all experience levels. Groups learn to work together as they paddle through the rapids. If you’d like to extend your trip, join us for a barbeque and group discussion before heading back home or exploring more of Leavenworth. These trips are for groups of 12-50 people and are available June 19th-30th. $60/person on weekdays and $70/person on weekends.
Deschutes River
In addition to exhilarating Class 3-4 whitewater, the popular Maupin section of the Deschutes features a natural water slide area and the opportunity to swim a Class 2 rapid. Whether it’s the first time you’ve been on the water, or you raft all the time, the Deschutes gives you unforgettable fun in a wild and scenic location.
One Day: $80 per person (includes lunch, $5 off if group brings their lunch)
Group size: 12 to 95. 9-9:30 AM to 3-4 PM
McKenzie River
With glass-clear water and lush, forested banks, the McKenzie is a stunningly beautiful river that is ideal for those seeking a more relaxed rafting experience. Class 2-3 rapids and a 10-12 foot jump off rock keep the excitement level up without the intensity of big water.
One Day: $65 per person. Class 2-3 rapids (includes lunch, $5 off if group brings their lunch)
Group size: 12 to 60. 10 AM to 2-3 PM

Deschutes River (Multi Day)
Give your group the unforgettable experience of rafting through a wilderness desert canyon, sleeping under the stars in float-in only campsites, and running rapids far away from road access. Includes a cliff jumping opportunity and a hike to a breathtaking viewpoint. The 40 mile multi-day trip ends near Maupin on the ever-popular one-day section.

3 day raft: $340 per person
Group size: 8-13. 3 days, 8 meals. Class 3-4 rapids.

4 day raft: $390 per person
Group size: 8-13. 4 days, 11 meals. Class 3-4 rapids.
Spokane River
Spend some time on the Spokane River this spring! Raft through two class III rapids, play boat games, and enjoy a river side BBQ. These trips are available April through early June and run 4-5 hours. We can accommodate 12-40 people per trip. These trips are $50/person.