Currently, we offer the following courses:

Wilderness Medicine Courses

Adventure Certification Courses


All teaching materials are provided by Peak 7 Adventures at no additional cost.


The course curriculum has been developed and authored by Dr. Kevin Kerrigan (trauma) and Dr. Cal Wilson (medicine).

Drs. Kerrigan and Wilson have a combined clinical experience of over 70 years. They have practiced medicine in diverse countries such as Ecuador, Kenya, Rwanda, Papua New Guinea, Djibouti, Jordan and Albania as well as in the United States. For more on them and our other instructors, please click on the Instructors tab.

Completion and Grades

Successful completion with certification is based on 100% attendance, satisfactory performance on homework assignments and written quizzes, demonstrated proficiency with practical skills and a grade of 80% or better on final written exam. Peak 7 is committed to making reasonable accommodation to any student with special needs.


All eligible students who successfully complete the course will receive appropriate Peak 7 Wilderness Medicine certification. Certification remains valid for three years. At the discretion of your local or state EMS authorities.

Healthcare Provider level CPR certifications

In most cases, Healthcare Provider Level CPR (BLS) certification is offered the day before or the day after the wilderness medicine course.The CPR course is based on the ILCOR/AHA guidelines as published in Circulation in 2015.


You can recertify a Peak 7 Adventures Wilderness Medicine certification by taking a WFA course or higher. All recertifications must be done before your certification expires.


All deposits are 100% non-refundable, for any occasion, regardless of individual circumstances including difficulties with health, weather or travel.

Deposits may be transferred for one other course greater than 30 days from the starting date of the class.

  • Deposits can only be transferred to a Peak 7 course
  • Deposits can only be used within one year of the start of the original course

Deposits cannot be transferred to any course for any reason less than 30 days from the beginning of the class.


There are limited scholarships available. To apply, please fill out the form here.


$300.00 for the 7-day WFR. The balance will be due 2 weeks before the start date of the course.