Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Nancy

Peak 7 is blessed to have a growing community of incredible volunteers supporting our Seattle, Spokane, and Oregon programs. Every volunteer has a unique story of how they got involved, and why volunteering with Peak 7 is meaningful to them. So, we thought it would be fun to introduce a few of them to you! We’re starting with Nancy, a dedicated Seattle volunteer that has helped with everything from events to rock climbing trips over the last year.

View More: http://samanthabohall.pass.us/peak-7-climbingHow did you get involved with Peak 7?
I first heard about Peak 7 soon after I moved to Seattle. I was looking for a volunteering opportunity and when I came across this organization. It was the perfect combination of so many things I love: the outdoors, mentorship, and glorifying God. I stuck around because the experiences are meaningful and the Peak 7 community is really a great family of people who play hard and care even more.

What is your favorite part of volunteering at Peak 7?
I love getting to build meaningful relationships with the Peak 7 staff and sharing challenging adventures with those we serve through Peak 7 trips. Being outdoors and being present in the moment can be a very impactful experience for trip guides, volunteers, and adventurees. Not to mention getting to learn all the beautiful nature this wonderful state has to offer!

What do you do with your time when you’re not at Peak 7?
When I don’t get to hang out with Peak 7, I love going on my own mini-adventures around the city, exploring with my camera, finding sunny patches despite Seattle’s cloudy reputation, and discovering non-dairy alternatives to ice cream.

What is your favorite thing to do outside?
I’ll be honest, sometimes I feel as if I’m the laziest outdoor person ever. I absolutely love working hard to hike a difficult trail or climb a steep mountain, but all so I can find the perfect sunny cliff or spot to just sit and soak in the day.

Interested in volunteering with Peak 7? Check out our volunteer page to get more information!