Spotlight: A Good Foundation

A good foundation is what supports structures, keeping them solid so that they can not only exist, but last. Organizations are the same. They need a good foundation of volunteers and donors in order to succeed. Peak 7 is blessed by so many people who give not only of their finances, but also of their time. Whether donor, volunteer, or both, Peak 7 Adventures just wouldn’t be possible without you. Thank you for supporting Peak 7; for pouring into the lives of the youth we serve; for partnering with our staff and making it possible for Peak 7 to be celebrating 10 years!

Kelsey is a Spokane volunteer and donor who has been not only a faithful supporter, but has jumped in to help with Peak 7’s Annual Bocce Ball Fundraiser the past few years.


How did you hear about/first get involved with Peak 7?

A friend of mine worked for Peak 7 (hey, Rodin!) and when I moved back to Spokane a couple years ago, he got me involved and I started volunteering with some fundraising events. After seeing the difference Peak 7 makes in the lives of the people they serve, I signed up to donate as well, and as they say, the rest is history.


What about Peak 7 is meaningful to you?

Peak 7 is a unique youth ministry. I love that they take at-risk youth into outdoor situations (that are usually quite foreign) that teach them responsibility and teamwork while stretching their personal limits, and then tie these adventures into the message of Christ. It’s a beautiful thing that makes a difference in the lives of each kid.


What do you do with your time when you’re not helping Peak 7?

I work full-time for a local Spokane university and also volunteer with an animal rescue. When these things aren’t taking up my time, I’m usually hanging out with friends, on walks or hikes with my own dogs, camping and kayaking in the summer, playing softball with my county rec team, reading, taking photos, and cooking.


What is your favorite thing to do outside?

I do a lot of walking and hiking with my dogs (all seasons), and then in the summer my absolute favorite thing is camping and lake kayaking. There’s nothing like being on a crystal clear, glassy, glacier-fed lake as the sun comes over the mountains in the morning.


Interested in volunteering for trips or events? Check out our volunteer page or contact us at 509-467-5550 or (Seattle), (Spokane)