Peak 7's 2020 Spring & Summer Plans

Blog Post: 3/13/2020

There are very few communities that have not been impacted by the recent Coronavirus situation. Watching it develop from a front row seat in Kirkland, I’ve seen our school, colleges and a number of businesses and organizations struggle to plan for the unknown. At Peak 7, our staff and board members have tried to approach the situation proactively, with the health of the students we serve, our staff and our stakeholders at the center of our decisions.

As a result we will be moving our April 30th Spokane Benefit to September 24th to minimize the risk of spread at an event of this size, in coordination with advice from the CDC and the state health department. As a small organization focused on serving under resourced youth, this poses some challenges. We have begun planning a virtual fundraiser in that time frame (stay tuned for dates and details soon!) to help offset the loss in revenue that we expected from this event. But even with a new format, there are challenges to raising the $75,000 we expected from this event.

To put a face on it: Many of you know Sara-Anne, our Program Coordinator in Oregon. Sara has done an incredible job booking groups to serve this summer with the plan of bringing on an additional full time staff this spring. Sara has plans to serve 653 youth through 27 organizations; much more than one full time staff and our seasonal staff can accomplish. This staff person would not only help with the program needs this summer but with future development of our Oregon branch in the Portland area where a lot of needs exist.

Our staff of 10 in Spokane, Seattle and Oregon, along with seasonal guides and volunteers plan to serve over 3,000 youth this summer all over the northwest. I can’t think of a better mission right now than to get small groups of youth out into God’s creation to help them process the stress and anxiety that has no doubt built up over the last few weeks and will continue for the foreseeable future.

Here’s where I want to ask for your help: Please consider a gift to Peak 7 in the coming month to help us execute on our plans for the summer. If you are already supporting Peak 7, consider an extra gift during this Spring. If you have given a gift in the past, consider joining our monthly givers. If you know of individuals who you would like to introduce to Peak 7, or businesses that would support our mission, share that with us so we can introduce them to the work that we do. Give here

Our motto this summer is “All Forward!” a command given by raft guides to get all those in the raft paddling in the same direction. Join us in the raft as we navigate the rapids ahead. 




Brian Kienle, Executive Director