Annual Bocce Ball Tournament

Peak 7’s Annual Bocce Ball Tournament is one of the most fun and iconic fundraisers in Spokane. Bocce Ball was born in 2009 by the merging of two basic ideas: the conviction that we need to help those in need, and the belief that we can have a great time while doing so. All Bocce Ball Tournament proceeds are used by Peak 7 to provide meaningful outdoor adventures to underserved young people from across the Pacific Northwest.

Our Bocce Ball Tournament has grown to 32 teams who put their bocce skills to the test in a triple elimination bracket. We award 1st and 2nd place finishers with great prizes, as well as teams with the best name and best costume.

Bocce Ball is a family friendly event that includes dinner, drinks, raffles, music, and more! We invite you to put together a team of 4, don your most creative costume, and come enjoy a fun day of competition in support of a great cause!

Stay tuned for more information on 2016’s upcoming Bocce Ball Tournament.

How much does it cost?

The entry fee is $75/person, or $300/team, and the cost will be partially tax

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Can my business sponsor the event?

Yes! We have multiple levels of business sponsorship available with benefits that include a free team, a rafting trip, and more. Because we want your business to benefit as much from our partnership as Peak 7 will, we are open to different suggestions and ideas. For more information about sponsorship, email Becky Prior at: or call our office at 509-467-5550

How big are the teams?

Teams of four (including one team captain) will compete in a pool play tournament for the coveted title of Bocce Master. Pool play means a minimum of 4 games played by each team during the tournament

* Registration is capped at 32 teams, so sign up ASAP!

* We reward creative team names and outfits!.

What is the Event Schedule?

Sunday, September 11th. Late registration, if there are any open spots left, begins at 12:30 and games start at 1pm. Event will wrap up at 6:30.

What is Bocce Ball?

For centuries, old Italian men have enjoyed a timeless game of great skill called bocce. But it’s not just a game for old men anymore! We’ve retooled the game, left in the skill and created a great fundraising event to support Peak 7 Adventures in Spokane… and you’re invited!

What are the rules?

Bocce is a simple game that is easy to learn, but it does require a little skill. The rules of play will be well communicated at the tournament, but for those who are clueless, here’s a preview.

  1. Two teams will compete against one another on a rectangular court with 2 members of each team on each end of the court.
  2. Only one side of the court will play at a time, the “active” side.
  3. Each “active” player will have 2 bocce balls.
  4. At the beginning of each round a small white ball called a pallino is thrown into the field of play.
  5. Then players alternately attempt to throw their bocce ball closest to the pallino.
  6. After all 8 bocce balls are thrown in a round, 1 point is awarded for each bocce ball from one team that is closer than any bocce balls from the other. Only one team scores per round.
  7. Play will continue from the other side of the court with the other 4 players throwing.

More detailed rules and regulations will be posted at the event.

What is included in the registration fee?

Each participant will receive a Bocce shirt commemorating the event, and a dinner and beverage will be provided.

What if I just want to watch?

Come hang out, grab some food, and buy a t-shirt from the event! You can participate in the auction and raffle as well as cheer on the teams.

What if I win?

The winning team will receive some great swag. The first and second runner up teams will receive prize packages as well.

What if it rains?

If it rains, the event will still go on. Remember those times growing up when you would play in the rain and it was tons of fun. Here is your chance to be young again.

I don’t want to register online, can I still sign up?

Absolutely! You can call us at 509-467-5550 with a credit card number, or send a check with the “Bocce” written in the memo line, to Peak 7 Adventures at 14617 N Newport Hwy Ste 7 Mead WA 99021.

Can I sign up the day of the event?

Yes, but we can’t guarantee we’ll have your shirt size or that we will be able to get you into the competition. The price goes up as well so you are better off registering early for it.

What if I don’t have a team?

You can still sign up, but call Becky first at 509-467-5550 so we can find you a team.

More questions?

Call Becky Prior at 509-467-5550 or email We’ll get back to you soon.