Meet Dieu, a BAC Youth

“This summer I want to have new experiences. I want to gain leadership skills, explore the outdoors, and bond with others as I grow in my faith,” says Dieu, a soon-to-be participant in Peak 7’s new Bower Adventure Course (BAC).

Dieu, along with seven other youth from a wide variety of backgrounds, will be taking on 54 days of intensive outdoor leadership training through multi-day thru hikes, sport climbing, WFR training, and much more this summer. The goal of these activities is to use them as mentorship opportunities to build servant leadership traits in youth like Dieu as they become the next generation of leaders in the Pacific Northwest.

Originally from Burundi, Dieu spent years migrating through various refugee settlements in Africa before immigrating to the States with his family. He overcame challenges that many youth cannot fathom as he moved to a new country and struggled to learn its customs and language that were necessary to get his education.

Now, seven years after moving to the States, Dieu has used the strength he’s developed from those struggles to set some remarkable goals for his future. After high school, he is planning on studying to be an automotive engineer and also hopes to give back to Peak 7 in order to provide other teens with the opportunities he has received.

Dieu has recognized the value of the BAC and is taking advantage of the opportunity. For many youth, the prospect of 54 days in the outdoors away from what they know is scary, but Dieu is ready for that challenge.

Peak 7’s community has also recognized the value of the BAC and of providing the opportunity for Dieu. The outpouring of support for his scholarship to participate shows the desire to build up Dieu and allow him to use the BAC to become a more capable and effective servant leader.

For Dieu and his counterparts, the BAC will be a life-changing experience that we pray will bring them closer to becoming the people God intended them to be. Stay tuned throughout the summer as we follow their journey on our blog and on social media!

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