Peak 7 Annual Report 2018

“2018 was filled with amazing stories of transformational experiences on mountains, lakes, rivers and rocks. On any given Peak 7 adventure, youth give up being connected to technology, learn to trust our guides, and sometimes for the first time ever, trust themselves.

When they stand at the summit after days of grueling hikes, laugh nervously through class 4 rapids, or repel from heights they didn’t know were possible, it changes their outlook on life. They have a new story to tell! They carry a story of accomplishment, a memory of how they overcame the hardest outdoor challenge they have ever done. They carry grit and inner-belief! The memories created on Peak 7 trips are often a well of encouragement that can be brought to surface when they need it most.

It’s our hope that every young person who joins us in the outdoors not only leaves with a sense of empowerment and accomplishment, but also with a true sense of their incredible value and of God’s endless love for them. ”

In gratitude,

Lynn Smith

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A Word from the Board

“After ten years of devotion to the work of Peak 7 Adventures, Lynn Smith (aka ‘mama Lynn’) is transitioning to new adventures! We are incredibly excited for her as she begins this new chapter.

It is hard to sum up the profound impact Lynn has had on Peak 7. From the start, Lynn was a force for good as a volunteer in both fundraising and running trips. She quickly became a critical member of the Peak 7 family and brought her positive attitude, attention to detail, love of organizing, as well as her collaborative and nurturing spirit to her role in operations for pivotal years of growth and expansion.

During a season of leadership and organizational change, Lynn embraced God’s call to lead Peak 7 with a base of committed donors and emerging stakeholders. Her relational leadership has significantly contributed to a collaborative and inclusive organizational culture that has fostered growth in staff, seasonal volunteers and most especially the young lives at the center of the Peak 7 mission. In her 10 years of service, Lynn has cultivated and nurtured relationships with stakeholders that continue to support Peak 7 towards a healthy, viable, and sustainable future in service of shaping young lives through God’s creation. Her wise stewardship of resources has contributed to the financial health and stability of the organization. She transitions the organization to the hands of a confident and capable staff that will continue to meet the mission of Peak 7 with an Interim Executive Director and the engagement of the Board of Trustees.

Peak 7 will be interviewing candidates for the Interim Executive Director (10-12 month season) as we work on creating a national search for a permanent Executive Director. Look for upcoming announcements as we partner with you on this transition. In moving forward, we invite you to refer, recommend, or nominate anyone you know who might be interested and capable of filling this critical role in the Peak 7 community. Please contact us at info@peak7org. While Lynn will be moving on in a full time capacity, she will continue in a volunteer capacity and will be available to onboard an Interim Executive Director as they transition in.

Lynn – we are tremendously grateful for your tireless service and will sincerely miss you. We are grateful that your legacy with the organization will continue through your volunteer work, community engagement, and advocacy for the lives of youth through Peak 7 Adventures.

Keep adventuring!

-On behalf of the entire Board of Trustees