Peak 7 Marketing Intern

Internship Course Number: Determined by University

Dates: Flexible to meet student need

Name of Field Mentor:  Terry Meyer – Regional Director of Advancement


Name of University Mentor: TBD by University

Type of Certificate Sought: Marketing, Public Relaions & Event Planning

Purpose of the Internship:

The Peak 7 Internship is offered to undergraduates interested in gaining experience in the field of Marketing, Public Relations, and Event Planning. This internship will focus on sponsorship development, event marketing, and event planning for fundraisers and other Peak 7 sponsored events. This internship is unpaid, but will be eligible for university credit.

About Peak 7 Adventures:

Peak 7 Adventures is a grassroots non-profit organization that exposes young people of any age to the wonder of God’s creation. Wilderness adventures challenge participants to expand their horizons by fostering trust relationships and team building skills. Peak 7 Adventures seeks to make these opportunities available to underprivileged and at-risk youth. In order to do so we rely on donations from supporters and fundraising efforts.

Objectives of the Internship:

  1. To develop discourse between Peak 7 and potential sponsors of the organization regarding fundraising events.
  2. To plan and execute the fundraisers and increase participation and recognition throughout the Community.
  3. To design and develop marketing materials for Peak 7 Adventures; their events and programs.

Skills Gained by Internship:

Internship participants work directly with senior staff and management to plan and execute a fundraising event for a non profit organization from the ground up. They will partake in donor management, online communications, marketing material design, and public relations. Interns will be exposed to and learn to use multiple computer programs including, but not limited to; Microsoft Office Suite, Donor Tracking Software, Email Marketing Systems and other tools used for marketing and advertising communications.

Internship Outline

Internship Task Outline



Direct Contact with Donors, Community Leaders and Advocates for Peak 7

40 hours

Who: Field Mentor will evaluate

Sponsor data entry for tracking and communication

35 hours

Who: Field Mentor and Executive Director

Marketing and Communication Design and Distribution

35 hours

Who: Field Mentor and Executive Director

Research and Development: Marketing Avenues, Community Partners, and Volunteers

40 hours

Who: Field Mentor

Writing and distributing Press Releases and Marketing Materials

30 hours

Who: Field Mentor and Executive Director

Event Planning and Execution

50 hours

Who: Field Mentor

Attend Final Event

10 hours

Who: Field Mentor

Submit a written evaluation of the effectiveness of the program.

10 hours

Who: Field and University Mentor

Total Hours Possible: 250


If you have any other questions, please Contact Us.