About Peak 7

People today are looking for experiences that give meaning to life. What could be more meaningful than testing personal limits in the limitless setting of God’s amazing creation?

Peak 7 Adventures is a 501(c)3 non-profit who’s goal is to get youth out of their comfort zones through experiences in the outdoors.

Studies have shown that youth benefit deeply from spending time in creation. Many youth experience their first moment of spirituality in nature. Time in nature allows teens to improve their mental, emotional, and physical health. However, for many youth, especially those in low-income and minority populations, the cost of high adventure trips and lack of experience is prohibitive to their involvement. Peak 7 seeks to serve those youth who would not otherwise have the opportunity to experience the adventure.

Peak 7 is dedicated to challenging people to discover their inherent value as children of God. We accomplish this goal through rafting, kayaking, hiking, mountaineering, and camping. We have prepared several exciting itineraries throughout the Pacific Northwest and can tailor our adventure trips to meet the needs of specific groups.

Peak 7 has been named a 2018 Best Outdoor Program by Outdoor Leaders!


Did you know?

  • Age of typical participant: 11 – 19
  • A youth’s experience with Peak 7 is typically their first outdoor adventure
  • We provide scholarships to participants so money is never a barrier to participation
Thank you for providing this trip for my students. It gave me a chance to connect with them on a spiritual level that I cannot achieve at school. It was awesome!
— Linda Warren, Teacher

It's amazing to see these kids learn to trust themselves more than they ever have had to and to rely on their peers and the staff for support as well. Most of the kids went into the rafting trip scared to death, but by the end they were asking if we could go rafting every week. This was a huge barrier for them to overcome. We had kids open up and share that had never opened up before. A big thanks to Peak 7 Adventures for hooking us up with sponsored trips and awesome rafting guides!
— Meagan Henderson, Director of Recreation, Tamarack Center