A Turning Point

Beth is a graduate of the Union Gospel Mission recovery program. For years she hid a destructive personal life by working well-paying jobs and not giving into the temptation of the substance abuse around her. To outsiders, she made it seem like her life was pretty well put together. Unfortunately, the front was a successful cover for two severely abusive relationships. Eventually, Beth realized it was time to ask for help and sought refuge in the Union Gospel Mission’s recovery program.

During her time at Union Gospel Mission, Beth was invited to participate in a Peak 7 rafting trip. Now, years later, Beth shared that when she came on that trip, she was in one of the darkest places in her life. She couldn’t even hold her head up because she believed all the lies she heard while in her abusive relationships. She felt that she had no value to anyone and deserved to get hit.

Beth says that the rafting trip with Peak 7 was a turning point for her. Before the relationships that destroyed her self-worth, Beth was a person who loved being outside, hiking, exploring, and experiencing the peace of nature. Her Peak 7 adventure reminded her of that love, and through her experience she saw a glimpse of the fact that she deserved to be outdoors, doing something she loves. For the first time in a long time, she was able to laugh, enjoy the people around her, and have an adventure. Beth shared that through the kindness of Peak 7 staff, she was able to begin to deal with some of her understandably substantial fear of trust.

This is what Peak 7 can accomplish. In a single day of rafting, surrounded by loving, caring people, a broken woman was able to face fears, experience the joy of a life of adventure and friendship, and get a glimpse of the redemption and healing that lay in front of her.