C4 Belts and Peak 7

Peak 7 and C4 Belts are getting kids outdoors!

How You Can Make a Difference:

During the month of July, each time you purchase a belt or buckle from the limited edition Peak 7 Adventures Collection, C4 Belts will donate as follows:

  1. Each time you purchase a belt from the Peak 7 collection C4 Belts will donate $11. Use coupon code #C4P7 at checkout.    
  2. Each Time you purchase the buckle from the Peak 7 Collection C4 Belts will donate $5. Use coupon code #C4P7 at checkout.    
  3. Each time you purchase any belt and select Peak 7 at checkout, C4 Belts will donate $4. Use coupon code #C4P7 at checkout. 

Purchase a Belt  
Be sure to use COUPON CODE #C4peak7 at checkout


Examples of how each dollar can help a teen in need:

$1 is enough to provide the park entrance fee for a youth rock climber.
$10 can provide meals for the day for 1 teen on the Bower Adventure Course
$20 is enough for a paddle for a 1 teen whitewater rafter
$30 can help to provide part of the fees to sponsor a rock climbing trip for 5 teens
$65 is enough to provide a rafting trip for 1 teen
$125 is enough for a back packing trip for 1 teen
$204 can provide fees for the 5 Day Ascent Junior Guide Training trip for 1 teen
$500 can help to provide part of the fees to sponsor an 8 week BAC trip for 1 teen

Bower Adventure Course Halfway Point 2016